Christopher's Office Phone & Email Address Information

We do kindly ask that if you have any general questions (i.e. about Christopher, scheduling a reading, times available/availability for readings, tour schedule, his radio show, etc) please fill out the form below and a member of Christopher's staff will get back to you within two business days. This will help us ensure that everyone gets quicker answers and assistance in a timely fashion.

We are not in the office on weekends or holidays.
Readings are not performed on weekends or holidays.

Office Phone: (727) 688-6084
Prayer & Healing Line (727) 688-6084

For questions concerning scheduling and/or reserving a reading with Christopher, please CLICK HERE or fill out the form below. Once payment is received, we will email you to schedule. Christopher's Office receives heavy phone and email traffic. A majority of answers that you may have questions about are covered throughout this website.

Emails and phone calls are returned as soon as possible in order of urgency.

Please understand that Christopher receives a tremendous amount of personal letters and emails each day, and it's impossible for him to answer every piece of mail that comes in for him. He loves hearing from everyone and is appreciative of your love and support.




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