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A Glowing Review of Christopher Reburn; His Work & Endless Spiritual Mission

Written by WD Allan, author of Spirituality For The Moment 

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

This edition of the Highlighted Spiritual Spot goes to a bright and guiding light in my personal spiritual path. This spiritual spot is in honor of "The Psychic Spirit" and the person behind The Psychic Spirit is none other than celebrated psychic and spiritual teacher Christopher Reburn.

I know it must seem rather repetitive of me to keep bringing up why I choose the sites that I do, and the few souls that I do to add to the personal upkeep of my own spiritual self. Truly, it is due to the fact that I highly respect the values of honesty, beneficence and the overall ethical standing of others when they are displayed and this is especially true of this soul who I myself have confided in over the years in matters of a spiritual nature regarding my own path. I have never found his counsel to be devoid of any degree of genuineness, caring and of the substance of an overall spiritual caring in any matter and I trust this must be the case for those others who seek his thoughts in their affairs as well.

Christopher Reburn is one of those few rare spiritual souls who come down to this grounded Earth once every generation or so, who seem to have made it their discrete mission to help people to seek the best and the brightest in themselves. Christopher abides the spiritual in all things and rarely holds back in any affair one seeks advice in, even when the answers were not exactly what one wished to hear. Sometimes it remains that the answers ones gets to the questions they ask are exactly what one "needs" to hear at some point in time as a means to stay the course along a certain charted path. This is precisely why Christopher has remained one of only several of my personal confidants when I personally seek the advice and the guidance I feel I have needed when things seem rather gray and the spiritual fog has let in a bit.

Everyone, each, and every soul has those times along the course of their life when they might need another choice soul to flag the way, or even to just indicate some added thinking to a complex bit of life. Christopher is one of those few rare souls and the world would be a better place for more like him. Perhaps in time this might be so, with all hope.

The Psychic Spirit is a website that gives spiritual indicators and insight into many of the matters of living a spiritual life and it is one of a few that I highly encourage all to take the time to visit and if you are so inclined, maybe get a reading from Christopher. Then you will see what I meant.