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A Lightworker's Journey
The highly anticipated new spiritual CD from Christopher Reburn
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In his long-awaited CD, A Lightworker's Journey, listen as Christopher chronicles the joys and challenges of being a lightworker in one of his most profound CD's to date! Christopher starts from the very beginning of a lightworker's journey - birth - and this CD will take you through the life of a lightworker all the way to completing the journey and crossing over. Join Christopher for a spiritual adventure that you won't soon forget. This CD explores topics significant to all lightworkers, including the following topics:

-Beginning Your Lightworking Journey
- Accepting Your Lightworking Journey
-Identifying Your Gifts & Life Purpose
-Utilizing Your Gifts to Help Others
-The Joys, Pressures & Challenges of being a Lightworker
-Completing Your Lightworker's Journey & Going Home to God
and so much more!

Listen as Christopher shares many of his own lightworking experiences, heartwarming stories and his insights and knowledge on Lightworkers.

If any of these topics interest you, you'll really enjoy Christopher's new CD, A LightWorkers Journey.


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'A Lightworkers Journey' CD

Dear Friend,

I hope you enjoy my new Lightworkers CD. It was such an incredible journey in putting this new CD together for you. I really wanted to do a special project for these currently struggling with their spiritual identity as well as for those who already know their journey and are on it. I wanted to do a special project all about lightworking, and to share a lot of information and knowledge with you that I've received and learned over the years from Spirit. I'm very proud of this CD and I know that you will love it just as much as I do!

Thank you for your friendship, love and support. It's because of you and your continued devotion that keeps me going strong and allows me to put forth these informative projects that are geared toward your learning and spiritual development!

If you keep believing, you'll keep achieving!

With Love, Light & Blessings,

Christopher Reburn

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