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1 question: $20 (save $5)

2 question: $30 (save $10)

3 question: $45 (save $15)

5 question: $75 (save $35)



15 minutes:  $35 (save $15)

30 minutes: $45 (save $20)

60 minutes: $75 (save $45)



Pack of two 3 question email readings: $85

Pack of two 30 minute phone readings: $85

Pack of two 60 minute phone readings: $140




all sales are final. there are no refunds or exchanges. phone readings will be offered a selection of next available appointments. email reading turnaround time will depend on how many clients take part in this offer, please allow 5-7 business days. no discounts or gift certificates will be accepted for this offer.

3 Month Paranormal Course with Christopher!

Learn how to become a paranormal investigator, how to connect with Spirits & Ghosts at haunting investigations, how to protect yourself and your energy, what tools you should bring with you, how to help ghosts cross over, how to tell if a place is haunted, your Q&A and so much more! This course explores virtually all areas of the paranormal world and is geared towards those who have a real interest in the paranormal and want to learn more. Includes three one hour private one-on-one phone classes with Christopher! ONLY 10 SPACES AVAILABLE! BE PART OF THE VERY FIRST CLASS OF THIS COURSE! Course starts in June and July. Choose which month you prefer to start!  
Regular Price: $249       PRESALE PRICE: $175 (good thru June 2nd only)





Christopher's Brand New 'Limited Time Only' Course

Available dates in June & July only

3 Month Reawaken, Release, Refocus & Reactivate Course
with Christopher Reburn
Regular Price starting: $249
Special Presale Price: $175
This is a perfect course for those who've had to take a break from their spirituality and/or those who have been struggling spiritually and are ready to get back on track and focus on their life purpose and spiritual mission.
This is a powerful, life-changing course!

Spend three amazingly powerful months with Christopher focusing on reawakening your spiritual journey, focusing on your spiritual mission, releasing any fears, insecurities or blocks that may be preventing you from setting sail on your spiritual journey and achieving spiritual oneness, as well as refocusing on why you are here and what your reason for being in this lifetime is all about, and how your spirituality is connected to your purpose and reason for being here. We'll also focusing on reactivating the original strength of your spiritual gifts and abilities while grooming you for the spiritual journey and work that lies ahead of you.
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