Intimate & Spiritual Salons with Christopher

Christopher will host a small group of people, both online and in person, who will enjoy intimate conversations with Christopher about Angels, Psychic Phenomena, The Other Side, The After Life, Enriching your Psychic Ability, How to be more spiritual, Why we are here, Our Spirit Guides, Totems and much more - including personal questions.

Whether in person or online, attending a Spiritual Salon with Christopher will give you the chance to get many of your questions answered and you'll be able to obtain significant information on all spiritual, metaphysical and psychic related topics and discussions.

An in-person Spiritual Salon with Christopher lasts the entire day, from 9am to 5pm and generally takes place in the posh setting of an upscale hotel/resort or spa. Each online Spiritual Salon with Christopher will be two hours in length and will be held in a private, password-protected chat room permitting only those with a password, web address and confirmed reservations admittance.

These intimate, spiritual salons are meant to help you with everyday life, to understand the meaning of life, and how to heal yourself and others.

There will be a lot of "one-on-one" during these salons between you, Christopher and the group because we are limiting each salon to 20 people (Online Spiritual Salons are limited to 10 people) This will give each salon a more intimate, personal feel to it.

In Person Salon are all day seminars which generally take place between 9am-5pm and the fee is $450 per person.

Online Salons last for two hours and the fee is $50 per person. Courses/Classes last for two hours and a course fee is $75 per person.


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